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- raising funds to help us fulfill our projects.

- protecting our environment and avoiding that used cartridges and mobile phones (which still contain noxious products) are thrown away and pollute ;

These are the main words of the actions we lead to help sufferers and keep our association alive. Here is the partner we work with :



"Recyclage - Solidaire"



Used inkjet and laser cartridges


It takes about 1,000 years for an inkjet cartridge to degrade. Of the  900 millions cartridges sold in France, only  20 % are recycled, the others are mostly buried…….


Knowing that, Jean-Louis Boiteux, our late Vice-Treasurer who left this world, started collecting used cartridges in 2005 and selling them to recyclors.

Today this project is getting a national dimension with the partnership we signed with "Recyclage-Solidaire". We collect only original laser and inkjet used cartridges . You can find all our collecting points on "Recyclage-Solidaire" website.




Thanks to these  actions, the funds we raise help us organise international meetings for people suffering from Cutis Laxa.

Many thanks to all those who help us fulfill this project.

You can also help us collecting the cartridges, just call Marie-Claude Boiteux for more information (33 (0)6 62 16 20 73).


For any question about this site or our association, send a mail to
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