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Who are we and what are our aims ?
The EFBAR is a non-profit organisation whose object is to promote research into biliary atresia and related disorders, in particular in the fields of aetiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, outcome. The Association promotes collaboration between research groups inside and outside Europe, in particular in the drafting of common standards and guidelines, the stocking and evaluation of data, the accomplishment of fundamental and clinical collaborative research projects.

Where are we based ?
The registered office is located at:

Hôpital Cantonal Universitaire de Genève
Service de chirurgie pédiatrique
Rue Willi Donzé 6
Tel: 00 41 22 362 46 62
Fax: 00 41 22 362 46 66

How do we work ?
The EFBAR is a non-governmental organisation, whose registered office is located in Geneva (Switzerland). The official statutes are available on this site.

Statutes of EFBAR
Minutes of the constituent general meeting of EFBAR

Everybody who is interested in joining us is invited to contact us. The amount of the annual individual subscription is 10 Euros.

We work on a voluntary basis. Financially, the OFAVB relies on research credits and donations.

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